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[Hiring] Linux System Administrator

Xin chào mọi người,

Cho phép mình đăng thông tin tuyển dụng. Xin chú ý là tin này post cross-list vào SaigonLUG và ArchLinuxVN.

Vui lòng PM mình để apply hoặc apply qua Vietnamworks.
Vietnamworks URL: http://www.vietnamworks.com/linux-system-administrator-431913-jd

[Job Description]
Yesterday, you spent an hour setting up a new server. And there were more boxes waiting in line. You hate that boring manual task whenever your system needs to scale. You dream about working with a fully automatic system. You desire to work with a neat, clean system that was designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. You have kick-ass sysadmin skills and you want to deal with bleeding-edge technologies in a fast-paced, highly creative startup environment.

If these words mean something to you, we want to talk!
[ Job Requirements ]
Expert knowledge of Linux operating system. 
Ability to debug OS processes and trace system calls.
Experience with configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef or Ansible.
Ability to develop and maintain system automation is a key value.

Ability to develop system administration tools in Bash, Python, Fabric or Ruby, Perl... is a must.
Good knowledge of managing database such as PostgreSQL, MySQL.
Experience with XMPP, Erlang and Redis is a huge advantage.
Experience with Amazon Web Service and/or Rackspace Servers and Cloud is an advantage.
Good knowledge of source control such as git or svn.
Ability to handle fast paced, high-interrupt startup environment with ease.
Good English verbal and written communication skills.
Cám ơn mọi người.

Nguyễn Châu An || An NGUYEN
Linux Technician & FOSS Advocate
OpenPGP KeyID  2048R/8F77A48C
Key Fingerprint     7652 B403 749F F173 227D 4865 FB71 EC95 8F77 A48C