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Please be informed that we experienced a service interruption that
impacted a portion of our customers on January 15th, 2015. At
approximately 2:30 AM EST, our Chicago datacenter experienced a
network related issue causing impact to a certain subset of Hostway's
products and services. The interruption would have caused temporary
downtime related to web or email services. This did not result in any
data loss or caused any action to be taken on your end, as services
came back up normally, as designed to. The cause of the issue was
identified as a hardware failure on core networking gear and has since
been resolved and all services should be functional at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and want to
ensure you we have taken the necessary steps to prevent any future
disruptions of service.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Va=CC=80o nga=CC=80y 15/01/2015, Ng=C3=B4 Huy <[email protected]> vi=C3=AA=
> V=C3=A0o 17:59 Ng=C3=A0y 15 th=C3=A1ng 01 n=C4=83m 2015, Duc Tran <901...=
@gmail.com> =C4=91=C3=A3 vi=E1=BA=BFt:
>> Hi=E1=BB=87n t=E1=BA=A1i mirror FPT =C4=91ang c=C3=B3 s=E1=BB=B1 c=E1=BB=
=91 v=E1=BB=81 m=E1=BA=A1ng n=C3=AAn vi=E1=BB=87c c=E1=BA=ADp nh=E1=BA=ADt =
g=C3=B3i t=E1=BB=AB mirror
>> qu=E1=BB=91c t=E1=BA=BF r=E1=BA=A5t ch=E1=BA=ADm, mong c=C3=A1c b=E1=BA=
=A1n th=C3=B4ng c=E1=BA=A3m.
>> Xin c=C3=A1m =C6=A1n,
>> Duc Tran
> Hi=E1=BB=87n t=E1=BA=A1i DNS =C4=91=C3=A3 tr=E1=BB=9F l=E1=BA=A1i b=C3=AC=
nh th=C6=B0=E1=BB=9Dng, c=C3=A1c b=E1=BA=A1n c=C3=B3 th=E1=BB=83 s=E1=BB=AD=
 d=E1=BB=A5ng l=E1=BA=A1i mirror :)
> Severus
>>  --
>> Quy t=E1=BA=AFc =E1=BB=A9ng x=E1=BB=AD: http://archlinuxvn.org/vn/rules/
>> =C4=90=E1=BB=8Ba ch=E1=BB=89 nh=C3=B3m th=C6=B0: https://groups.google.c=
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