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Re: OLPC/SUGAR open-source Manual


On 06/17/2010 02:17 PM, Quynh Vu Do wrote:
In fact I have made a sub-sample from the XO manual (37 pages) and I am
currently translating it (about10% done, should be finished by half July).

Same thing for the Sugar Manual, but after XO is done.

Then only will come the Turtle Activity.

I'm doing the translation offline in ODT files which will be more flexible
for final editing/printing than the PDF generated online from flossmanuals.
The translated content can then be easily pasted back online later, once a
translation directory is created by flossmanuals.

So if anyone wants to join the work, let me know so that we can coordinate
our actions and avoir duplicating efforts.
Oh me me, please pick me :-)

I can do this intermittently on my free time. Please share me a little bit.

Nguyen Lan

We can also try to organize book sprints in order to have more
documentation available in a very short term:

We also have to update the OLPC Vietnam wiki page here:
with a list of goals.