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Vietnamese Language Translation Team and ?'s

Hello Clytie,

I hope that when you receive this email, you will be feeling much better. I have good news for you and a question.

1. The good news is that Serge Stinckwich in Hanoi visited the VVV site recently. He reports that the children are using the XOs and that they are all working fine. He also has gathered a strong group of Vietnamese volunteers to work on translating, developing, and supporting, and perhaps growing the XOs projects in Vietnam. The volunteers have gathered for meetings. There is a Forum set up as a Google Group. You can access the forum and join the email list from the OLPC Vietnam website here: http://olpc.vn/
You can see Serge's presentation given at the June 5 organizational meeting in Hanoi here:

I will forward you a few of the group conversations separately to get you caught up. Members of this new group have a version of Sugar working on PCs, and they are already working on translating the XO and Sugar Manuals into Vietnamese, and some Activities like Turtle Art and Magic Spot.

2. Question: Which Activities have you already translated and where can they be found? Are they in a Floss Manual or someplace else? (Pootle?) We don't want to duplicate your valuable work!

Thanks Clytie. We hope you are soon feeling well!
Warm regards,