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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Scratch Day !!!

To Serge, Yang, and other:
Best of luck with Scratch Day this week in Hanoi! In Thailand I am told that Scratch is by far the most popular XO Activity! Our local elementary school is teaching it and the local Art Gallery is running a Scratch class series for community kids too.

Thank you once again for your continuing interest and efforts. Have a very successful day.
If you can email information and photos from the event to me, afterwards, I'll post them as an update on the VVV Wiki project page.

Best regards to everyone,

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 12:29 AM, Serge Stinckwich <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi all,

May 21st 2011 is Scratch Day worldwide: http://day.scratch.mit.edu/
If you don't know what is scratch, this is very nice very visual
language in order to do animation and control also embedded systems.
More information here: http://scratch.mit.edu/

Scratch is open-source and written in Squeak Smalltalk. A version of
Scratch is available on XO OLPC.

Maybe we could try to organize something in Ha Noi ?
Several alternatives are possible for a Scratch Day:
- invite educators to discover Scratch
- presentation of local scratch projects
- informal gathering of Scratchers.

Any Scratchers (or wanabee scratchers) in Ha Noi ? Viet Nam ?

We some friends, we are working on porting Scratch to a more modern
version of Squeak, called Pharo (because we don't like green
interfaces and we want to open Scratch to code contributions from
people who are working on using Scratch with external devices like
We already have some portion of the software working.
So i'm willing to do wild Scratch coding sessions :-)

Serge Stinckwich
UMI UMMISCO 209 (IRD/UPMC), Hanoi, Vietnam
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk

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