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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vietnamese Translation projects


2011/9/8 Nancie Severs <[email protected]>:

> Serge, your idea of a task force for the VVV project is really good. It
> would be helpful if our group in Hanoi could establish a relationship with a
> person from the village that could be a comunication liason. An ultimate
> goal would be to identify someone from the village (maybe some of the kids,)
> who could learn to update  the XOs when on the mainland, (I know by now they
> must have discovered the net cafes.) And someone who could do teacher
> training at the college from where the teachers come or for each teacher
> group that will come to the VVV.

I may spare a few days (2-3) in october/november to pay a visit to the
VVV village and try to establish durable contacts with locals.

> Is there Internet in the village yet? Any plans or desire to have it? That
> would probably be a major benefit to the business interests operating in the
> village, the tourist shops and the fishing and pearl industry. The benefit
> to the business will get the governing leadership behind the project and
> then the Internet can provide its huge education opportunities to the
> village children as well. The goal is to embrace whatever works to change
> the dynamics where literacy is only 25%, and where kids stay in school only
> until they are about 10 years old, when they have school, and teachers,
> which does not appear all that regular. If sharing the learning with XOs
> with the adults will encourage the children and help improve their future,
> then that's a good thing!

I recently bought a 3G USB Modem from Viettel for use of internet in
remote areas. It worked well with my netbook (EeePC 1001HA, Ubuntu
11.04). If I go to the VVV village I will test internet connection
through 3G services there. Then we could further discuss any interest
with internet use with the locals.

> A VVV Task force could also consider what kind of budget needs there would
> be to support travel and visits for installing updates and teaching, and
> perhaps for Internet expenses for the village.
> Then we could look to identify funding sources by grant or corporate
> partnerships (perhaps with some of the tour agencies operating in Halong
> Bay?)

Yes. This is a good idea. Actually, I wrote a letter to Viettel
several months ago asking whether they would like to support the
school in VVV village with providing internet access (they have a
large scale national program for this) but got no answer so far. Maybe
a foreigner like you, paying them a visit and explaining the goals of
the project may have a better result in terms of PR's benefit for

> I had an email recently from an American college student that is a native
> Vietnamese speaker. She found my blog and would like to volunteer in the
> village next summer for some weeks. She teaches ESL in the Boston area
> Vietnamese community and could teach English. I told her I would investigate
> it. So you can see how having someone to communicate with directly from the
> VVV would really help things.

Yes. These are good opportunities.

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
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