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XO Vietnamese manual is published


At last, the XO manual in Vietnamese has been published here:


There are still some issues to be fixed :

1) The translated flossmanuals home page does not show a link to the
XO vi manual (waiting to be fixed by the site's admin)

2) The making of the PDF button results in a document without Unicode
support and thus unreadable. This is waiting also to be fixed. But do
inform interested people that this feature does not work yet (to avoid
the trouble of generating a 6 MB document that is useless). If this
can't be quickly fixed, the temporary solution would be to generate
manually a PDF version by copying and paste in a word processor each

The next goal for translation to Vietnamese, IMHO, should be the Sugar manual.

Best regards

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/