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Discovering the OLPC Map treasures (film link)

Happy New Year 2011 to my friends in Vietnam!
Lately, I have been working to help build our new OLPC Map. Nicholas Doiron, OLPC volunteer and a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA created this map and will help with any questions.


Be sure to check it out. You can search Vietnam in the search box and see what I have added to Vietnam to get us started. Each volunteer can add their own XO icon, share information and add links to photos too. We can all edit this map.

Today while clicking around SE Asia on our new map: I clicked on a Malaysian volunteer, TK Kang and found his interesting website here:

I liked the website digest links to some interesting YouTube videos I have not previously seen.
I am sharing my favorite with all of you below. TK Kang says:
WHY One Laptop Per Child?  Watch the film, share the link, and click around our new Map.

As the OLPCMap evolves, now it will be easier to connect with other deployments and find answers to questions, share curriculum ideas, inquire about power, hardware and software issues and the like.


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nsevers57 has shared a video with you on YouTube:
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Heart touching documentary about the impact of the One Laptop Per Child project on the lives of kids all over the world.
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Smile and be grateful.

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