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Re: [OLPCVietnam] New build for the XO-1 and 1.5 -10.1.3 can be installed and questions for our group


2011/1/18 Nancie Severs <[email protected]>:

> Perhaps this is a good time for a conversation. I am concerned that we have
> 12 XOs out in the floating village and no one is asking questions or for
> advice.

Unfortunately, sometimes a long silence can tell more than a few words.

> As a group, do you think the OLPC Vietnam volunteers should start a small
> pilot in or near Hanoi in a location where teaching and IT support can be
> provided? Should I continue my efforts to procure more XOs?

I don't know what others are thinking.

For any project to be successful, it should fulfill some essential
needs, needs that have to be expressed by the beneficiaries of the

In Vietnam, if you give something, people will take it, even if they
don't need it, because it could be played with, sold or given to
somebody else. If they have to give something as a counterpart, like
some money, or some efforts (that means time, energy), they won't take
it unless they have a strong interest.

There are also other cultural aspects that can be involved :
pupils-teachers relationships ; children-parents relationships that
are not in favour of promoting child initiative and discovery like it
is in western culture, excepted maybe in richer families of big cities
(that usually are more opened or embracing western culture).

It is not my prospect to discourage here. But when the situation is
not ripe enough for something to bear fruits, we need to analyze and
weigh out our actions because the time of everyone is limited and
evrybody has its own personal agenda. This is clear from this silence
on the list : I waited until today to see whether somebody would react
or not before answering to this post.

So, I think that the main thing we could do is sensibilization and
increasing awareness about XO, Sugar and OLPC. Doing translations to
Vietnamese is also something which will help towards a better

Because I'm living in Hanoi, having a pilot project nearby would be
more convenient to follow than in Halong Bay. But the key thing still
is to find local stakeholders, people that are interested and want to
co-operate. Ideally that would be a primary school where director and
staff are sensibilized and would like to invest their efforts in
applying OLPC concepts..

Unfortunately, I do not have any strong acquaintances with teachers in
primary education.

I have tried one approach through the Ministry of Education and
Formation of Vietnam without concrete results : some interest but...
I think OLPC is not interesting them unless, maybe, there is a
donation of hundreds of XOs for a pilot project. Intel tried its way
with his Classmate PC (a concurrent to OLPC) not to be given to
children (like in the OLPC concept) but as class materials (ie to be
purchased in bulk by the education sector) : I don't hear much about
it now although they have certainly donated some consequent amount of
thses classmate computers.

If other local members of OLPC-VN, in Hanoi, are willing to do
anything and have ideas, I'm in.

> I pose these thoughts as the TET Holiday approaches. I wish everyone a very
> Happy, Healthy and Lucky New Year and I hope that after Tet, we can continue
> our work together!

Thanks for your ideas and dont get discouraged, things need to get in
place and will eventually get in place, but it is often very slow.

Happy New year of the Cat to everyone.
Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/