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New build for the XO-1 and 1.5 -10.1.3 can be installed and questions for our group

Hi everyone,
I have copied below an email announcement sent to the OLPC Support Gang yesterday. I have installed the new build on my XO-1 and also on the XO 1.5 that I am testing. It seems really good.

Perhaps this is a good time for a conversation. I am concerned that we have 12 XOs out in the floating village and no one is asking questions or for advice.
Has there been any progress towards getting Internet in the Vung Vieng Village? Is there a desire for it? Do the parents and teachers understand that the XOs are not just a closed "game system" but that they can be customized by connecting them to the Internet and downloading updates and specific desired Activities and used for learning all kinds of things?
There are so many useful Activities! http://activities.sugarlabs.org//en-US/sugar/

In addition to the 3 XO-1s that I sent to Hanoi via Nguyet (Nguyễn Thị Ánh Nguyệt), I have 7 more that have been re-donated. 5 need the clock battery repairs and I plan to do that this winter. There are two additional XOs in Hong Gai that don't boot and probably have this same problem. I brought them "damaged" thinking that the pilot may need them someday for spare parts. But I believe they can be fixed. The description of the problem is found here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Fix_Clock
As a group, do you think the OLPC Vietnam volunteers should start a small pilot in or near Hanoi in a location where teaching and IT support can be provided? Should I continue my efforts to procure more XOs?

I pose these thoughts as the TET Holiday approaches. I wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Lucky New Year and I hope that after Tet, we can continue our work together!
My very best,
Yesterday's email announcement follows:
Dear olpc community,

we are very pleased to announce build os860 as the final 10.1.3 release
build for XO-1 and XO-1.5 laptops!

This is an update to software release 10.1.2 that fixes important bugs
and includes some new improvements (listed at the bottom of this mail).
The release is based on Fedora 11 and contains the latest Sugar 0.84 and
the GNOME desktop.

The full release notes can be found at [1]. Instructions for installing
the release on an XO can be found at [2].

Many thanks to everyone -- testers, translators, documenters,
developers and others -- who contributed to this release!

On behalf of the OLPCA-team,

[1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/10.1.3
[2] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/10.1.3#Installation

==New features==

===Collaboration "under a tree" on XO-1.5===
We have significantly improved collaboration when XO-1.5 is used with no
Access Points available ("under a tree"). The Neighborhood View now
shows three default Ad-hoc networks (for channels 1, 6, and 11) in
user-friendly icons, and XOs will auto-connect without user
intervention. This behavior is similar to the "mesh" behavior on XO-1.

===Sharing/Backup Journal entries using a mass storage device===
You may now share Journal entries with another learner using a [[USB
drive]] or SD card. The user experience is: Martin wants to give a
picture he has been drawing to Simon. He plugs in his USB drive and
copies the Journal entry on the drive. Simon plugs in Martin's drive in
his laptop. The entry will be shown with Martin's XO color on the drive.
Simon copies Martin's entry into his Journal.

You can use this feature to backup Journal entries to a USB drive or SD

===Connect your XO to external projectors and monitors===
We have added support for USB2VGA adapters. You can now connect an XO to
a projector over a USB2VGA adapter and project what is on your XO screen
onto a screen or for many people to see.

===Screen Rotation on XO-1.5===
On XO-1.5 it is now possible to rotate the screen using the 'rotate'
button. This allows learners to use the XO in ebook mode.

===Protected Activities Support===
In this build certain activities are protected from being deleted by
accident. In the activity list in the home view the erase option is
disabled for those. Protected activities are: Browse, Terminal, Log,
Write, ImageViewer and Record.

===Better interaction between GNOME and Sugar===
Switching between Sugar and GNOME user interfaces is smoother. Changes
of settings in GNOME now do not affect Sugar, and vice-versa.

The ~/Activities directory is now hidden from the user in GNOME, to
prevent accidental deletions that could harm Sugar. The networking
settings are now synchronized so enabling/disabling networking is unified.

Users can now change GNOME panels and fonts without risk of breaking
GNOME -- invalid settings are reset on restart.

The dialog to set a GNOME keyring password when connecting to a secure
wireless network has been disabled.

A home button has been added into the Browse toolbar. The button returns
to the home page, where important links are.

A busy cursor has been added for when a page is loading. This was
present in 8.2.1 but missing from 10.1.2.

Finally, previews for downloaded images have been added, so that the
Journal will show appropriate thumbnails of downloaded images.

The Paint activity has been improved a lot:

* The cursor has been enhanced and realigned,
* Text tool has been improved
* New filters: invert colors and mirror effects
* Tool size and shape are shown
* Improvements to copy and paste

Scrolling has been improved. The up and down directional keypad to the
left of the XO display will now scroll, which is especially useful if
the laptop is in ebook mode. Using the fn key with the up and down arrow
keys will now scroll by page.

You can now paste images into Write. Images can be copied from Browse,
Paint or Write. You can now put images into tables and export to PDF.

The style list has been reordered to place paragraph text styles before
heading styles.

Page loading has been sped up and several smaller fixes made.

A new camera plugin adds importing from camera on XO-1.

===Activity Updates===
We included the latest versions of Calculate, Colors, Distance, Etoys,
Help, InfoSlicer, Jukebox, Labyrinth, Memorize, Physics, Pippy, Turtle
Art and Typing Turtle.

===System Lid Behavior===
When the lid is closed on the XO, the laptop will suspend its operations
and turn off the screen. Historically re-opening the lid has turned on
the screen and woken up the laptop for normal use. In order to avoid a
problem where stacked XO units may accidentally turn each other back on,
this wake-up behavior has been disabled. To wake up the laptop from
suspend press the power button once.

This email came from my XO from OLPC!
Please check out One Laptop Per Child at http://laptop.org/ and help make the world a better place!