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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vung Vieng Village XO Project

Greetings. I was told by an Australian friend that she saw some little green laptops when she was visiting there! This is good visibility. Nevertheless there are need to get a platform for people involved in small or big educational projects in Asia to come together - share failure lessons or best practices.

With this in mind [email protected], Malaysia is scheduled for on Nov 16-18, 2013. If people come some wonderful things may happening in this region of the world. The website link is below and it is a free event. Just register, let us know you are coming, showup and participate - but travel, accomodation food, etc expenses must be participants' responsibilitiy.


A community sprint to improve a community edition of the OLPC XS school server will also be part of the program in planning.

http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Community_Edition/0.5/Sprint (under development)

Do spread the word around and hope to see some of you.

T.K. Kang

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>Did anyone recently visit Vung Vieng? Would love to hear about the status
>of this project.
> On Nov 29, 2012 1:13 PM, "Quynh Vu Do" <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 2012/11/29 Rafael Masters <[email protected]>
>>> Dear all,
>>>      I heard about this project from reading an article on its success in
>>> Ethiopia. I immediately wanted to be involved. I am a teacher over here in
>>> Viet Nam with a basic grasp of the language, and I would be delighted to
>>> help with creating new exercises and learning activities for your tablets.
>>> However I am a little uncertain of how exactly to get involved, being
>>> unfamiliar with google groups. Could someone possibly email me at
>>> [email protected] to let me know more specifically how I might
>>> help?
>>> Thanks for your time
>>> Rafael Masters
>> It will be better if you can just join the Google Groups OLPC-Vietnam.
>> Then, your posts will not need to be moderated and the threads of various
>> discussions is well managed by the Google engine. Thus the entirety of
>> discussions within the group will be available to everybody.
>> With regards to your question about how to concretely contribute to the
>> project, that makes at least 3 persons (4 with me) based in Vietnam that
>> are recently willing to do something in the near future. if you are beased
>> in Hanoi, then we could try to organize a meeting some evening and discuss
>> strategies and possible actions to be done. I am retiring of my job as of
>> 31st January 2013 so I might be more available in the coming years.
>> Would an informal meeting around 6 p.m. sometimes during this remaining
>> week or during the next week suits whoever that might be interested in
>> Hanoi ? Suggest also a place not too noisy, not too smoky. My center CNF
>> (42 Ta Quan Buu), located in Bach Khoa is of course available if one wishes
>> so.
>> Best regards
>> --
>> Vu Do Quynh (M.)
>> Hanoi, Vietnam
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>> Moments online: http://memolane.com/vdquynh
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