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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vung Vieng Village XO Project

Hi Arky,

I'm keeping the remark I made previously to someone who also made enquiries about the project. Thus If you hqve some interest in that project, it would be better for further exchanges if you can subscribe your email to the list.

About what's going on right now ? it seems that there is not much going on unfortunately.

I asked the tourist company (forgot the name of the contact person I had at the phone) to send me any information they have but they didn't although the lady I had at the phone told me she would send me some information by email. After reminding her a few times by calling her again, without successes, I "abandoned". maybe I'll tempt it again when I'm back in hanoi in next october.

There is IMHO one difficulty in this project which is the quick turn-over of the teachers of the Vung Vieng school. They stay for one or two years then move to elsewhere and are replaced, it seems to be. Thus empowering the teachers with the use of the XO Laptop can be hindered by such a situation.

We definitely need to have one trip over there to see what can be done. For that we need to coordinate with the tourist company or to contact directly the local authorities of the Vung Vieng village (in order to not be dependent on tourist trips to get there).

Once I have succeeded to contact local people there I may make a (bike) trip over there to evaluate the actual situation.

Best regards

2013/9/16 Arky <[email protected]>


Did anyone recently visit Vung Vieng? Would love to hear about the status of this project.




It will be better if you can just join the Google Groups OLPC-Vietnam. Then, your posts will not need to be moderated and the threads of various discussions is well managed by the Google engine. Thus the entirety of discussions within the group will be available to everybody.

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
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