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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vung Vieng Village XO Project

Soory for a late reply.

Le 4 janvier 2012 13:50, Serge Stinckwich <[email protected]> a écrit :

> We are 73 people in this OLPC-Vietnam group, this is a pity that we
> could not find a small group of people that want to do something
> (prepare some new activities, plan a visit to VVV, ...). I know that
> some great work had been done for the translation in vietnamese of
> some of the activities. This is really important but we need also some
> people to deploy and take care of the laptops on the field. Anyone
> interested ?
> This is also important to find someone like Channa close the village.

I just tested recent available techniques for giving internet
accessibility in remote areas like the Vung Vieng Fishing village
using 3G technology.

I found, bought and successfully tested a mini 3G broadband router
(CNET model CQR-681, priced at 770.000 VND in Hanoi, 740.000 VND in
HCMC) that can connect to the internet through 3G and provide internet
access to a local computer LAN with wired or wifi connections. The
router can take power from a USB's computer port, thus using a laptop
as a content server, it could provide internet, wifi connectivity and
selected web content to the XO computers, although during a limited
time when no power is available.

This offers several perspectives to increase the use and the
usefulness of the XO computers in Vung Vieng with a limied extra
investement. But we still need to find a stronger and more committed
local contact for this to be successful.

> @Quynh what is the status of the translation of the XO manual in VN ?

Its translation has been finished in last March:


However it seems that the Translate.flossmanuals.net web site is down
or has been discontinued ?
Thus the Vietnamese version of the XO manual can't be read on line.
Fortunately, I made an artisanal copy of the web pages in
OpenOffice.org to generate a PDF version.

You will find the PDF in this page (in Vietnamese) that I just published:


Thus you can produce links to that page and inform whom who might be interested.

Best regards and Happy New Year of the Dragon !

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog personnel: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/
Moments online: http://memolane.com/vdquynh