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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vung Vieng Village XO Project

Hello OLPC Vietnam Volunteers,

I have been following this thread. I was delighted to hear that an Australian visitor and a few others over the past year or two have reported the XOs in use in the Vung Vieng Village.

I am hoping to come to SE Asia via Bangkok in November and to attend the OLPC Basecamp in Malacca Malaysia:
It would be terrific to meet some of our OLPC Vietnam Volunteers and Friends there!

This about the Vung Vieng Village Project: In a presentation or panel about small XO projects, at Malacca, I would discuss the obstacles to success. In bringing the XOs to the VVV, I meant well, but my model was much like Nicholas Negroponte’s “helicopter drop” theory, that the kids and adults would be able to teach themselves how to use the Apps on the XOs. We volunteers who work with deployments around the world now know that with the exception of the few savvy hands on kids, this is not the case.

My good friend from Our Vietnam Group, Mr. Quynh wisely told me that “sometimes when you give a gift to someone, and even if they want the gift, they are not always ready or able to receive and use it.” In the VVV, my Vietnam project partner from the boat company Tuyen Luong, “finished” when I left Vietnam. I had no good contact person in the VVV. I had given Indochina Junk Co. contact information for those of you in Hanoi who have offered support, but no contact was ever made by them.

My best contact at Indochina Junk is Miss Trang:
Kim Tuyen  (Trang) 
Sales & Marketing Manager
INDOCHINA JUNK  –  Halong’s Finest Luxury cruises!
A: No 11, Alley 12B, Ly Nam De st - Hanoi - Vietnam

T: (+84) 4 3926 4085
F: (+84) 4 3923 2560
P: (+84) 983 367 479
Hotline: (+84) 989 166 433
E: [email protected]
W: ­www.indochina-junk.com
Visit Yen Duc Village: www.yenducvillagetour.com

About a year ago, she wrote me that the residents of the VVV might be moved from the floating village to a land location & about the new Yen Duc Village Tour. I have not heard anything from them since then.

I was originally prepared to bring enough XOs for 1 to 1 Child Ownership. Communication is difficult because I don’t speak Vietnamese, and I have taken the silence/failure to follow-up on my communications as a IJ company decision to limit their involvement in this project.

The fact that we have had no word from the users of the XO means to me that the XOs still have an old Build of Sugar on them 8.2.1. The latest stable Build for the XO-1’s, 12.1.0 is awesome both on the Sugar and Gnome OS sides and I would like the children/adult community to benefit from this.

I still believe that this project has had positive impact on the children & adult resident recipients of the XOs and solar panels. Because of this project, the only young adult resident who had graduated from high school, learned to use the XO, transferred the skills to PC’s in Net cafes and set up an email account. The schoolchildren all have these easily transferable skills as well.

On a tour, the guides would have us believe that the Vung Vieng & other floating village children have never been on the mainland. We were told that they have never seen cars or a cow, stores, etc. But this is just untrue. The VVV families all have relatives on the mainland. I know that some of their children are living with relatives and attending mainland schools, rather than living in Bai Tu Long Bay. So all is not always how it appears. I have much affection for the VVV residents; no ill will, and I hope that they are all well. I am certain that the XOs have introduced the children to confident computing skills that will serve their futures well.

I see no need to push ourselves onto this project if there is no reciprocal interest. But if someone succeeds in making contact and can reflash/update the XOs and stimulate some interest, that would be terrific.

I would, and do approach these projects differently today. As a beginner, I was naive. I still hope and dream that the introduction of the XO laptop into Vietnam was a good thing. And, as you all know, I work tirelessly towards the mission of bringing education to the world’s children who have limited educational opportunities, now with whatever hardware and software best fits any particular locale.

I hope to see some of you in Malaysia!
Warmest regards,

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 1:12 AM, Arky <[email protected]> wrote:

@chris We could organize a L10N sprint to encourage people to contribute.   We use pootle for Mozilla Vietnamese translation as well.  The
idea to get one or two contributors to take responsibility of maintaining the translations.

@Serge I didn't know you visited the project before.    Lets see if we can get few people to pool together and hire a car/boat.

It is important to make it easier for people in Hanoi or visitors from other OLPC projects to get the  Vung Vien fishing village. Any ideas?



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