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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Re: Vung Vieng Village XO Project

Hi everyone!

I send my very best wishes to all of you for a Happy New Year of the Dragon. I hope you all have a wonderful TET Holiday with family and friends!

Thanks Quynh for posting and for the link to the translated Help Manual. I have forwarded this to Chris Leonard, the OLPC volunteer that works with language localizations.

My reasonable short term goal is to see that translation turned into a downloadable Sugar Activity so that it can be downloaded directly to the XOs in Vietnam. If anyone knows how to do that, please go ahead. If some of our volunteers are working at translations for Pootle or otherwise, please be sure to post your efforts or ask for assistance on our Group here.

I am still hopeful that we will be able to establish contact from the VVV. We have recently heard about a school in HCMC that has some XOs through volunteer efforts from Singapore also.

Best wishes for very safe travels and Happy Holidays!

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 8:18 AM, Quynh Vu Do <[email protected]> wrote:
Soory for a late reply.

Le 4 janvier 2012 13:50, Serge Stinckwich <[email protected]> a écrit :

> We are 73 people in this OLPC-Vietnam group, this is a pity that we
> could not find a small group of people that want to do something
> (prepare some new activities, plan a visit to VVV, ...). I know that
> some great work had been done for the translation in vietnamese of
> some of the activities. This is really important but we need also some
> people to deploy and take care of the laptops on the field. Anyone
> interested ?
> This is also important to find someone like Channa close the village.

I just tested recent available techniques for giving internet
accessibility in remote areas like the Vung Vieng Fishing village
using 3G technology.

I found, bought and successfully tested a mini 3G broadband router
(CNET model CQR-681, priced at 770.000 VND in Hanoi, 740.000 VND in
HCMC) that can connect to the internet through 3G and provide internet
access to a local computer LAN with wired or wifi connections. The
router can take power from a USB's computer port, thus using a laptop
as a content server, it could provide internet, wifi connectivity and
selected web content to the XO computers, although during a limited
time when no power is available.

This offers several perspectives to increase the use and the
usefulness of the XO computers in Vung Vieng with a limied extra
investement. But we still need to find a stronger and more committed
local contact for this to be successful.

> @Quynh what is the status of the translation of the XO manual in VN ?

Its translation has been finished in last March:


However it seems that the Translate.flossmanuals.net web site is down
or has been discontinued ?
Thus the Vietnamese version of the XO manual can't be read on line.
Fortunately, I made an artisanal copy of the web pages in
OpenOffice.org to generate a PDF version.

You will find the PDF in this page (in Vietnamese) that I just published:


Thus you can produce links to that page and inform whom who might be interested.

Best regards and Happy New Year of the Dragon !

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog personnel: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/
Moments online: http://memolane.com/vdquynh

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