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Xemina "Pharo : an open-source Smalltalk"

Bonjour à tous,
Xin chao quy vi,

Séminaire IFI du jeudi 29 mai 2010 à 14h00
Xemina tai IFI, thu 5 ngay 29 thang 4 2010, luc 14h00

Présenté par:        Serge Stinckwich
                           Chercheur, UMMISCO, IRD / IFI
Nguoi trinh bay:    Serge Stinckwich
                           Chercheur, UMMISCO, IRD / IFI
Titre :
            Pharo : an open-source Smalltalk

Résumé :
Smalltalk is a dynamic reflective object-oriented programming
language. Based at the beginning on Lisp and Simula,
it was one of the first programming language to use a bitmap
user-interface and an integrated development environment (IDE).
Smalltalk has been a great influence in the development of many
programming languages, including Objective-C, Java and Ruby.
Many innovations in software engineering in the nineties also come
from the Smalltalk community, such as Design Patterns, test-driven
approach, agile software development like Extreme
Programming (XP) and code refactoring.

Pharo is a new open-source Smalltalk (under a MIT licence).
Pharo's objective is to provide a clean, open-source and innovative
Smalltalk implementation with suitable for research and business
Several companies and universities are using Pharo for their software
More information are available here: http://pharo-project.org/ and

Serge Stinckwich
UMI UMMISCO 209 (IRD/UPMC), Hanoi, Vietnam
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk