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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Happy New Year and My Reply to Recent Posts


2011/2/18 Nancie Severs <[email protected]>:

>  This is interesting about Intel. OLPC actually has a similar business
> model, hoping that governments will purchase the XOs in bulk and commit to
> the open source software platforms.

Actually, I saw on the Sugar on a Stick page, that the computers
displayed in the photos look like Classmate PC


> I am not discouraged. My efforts and personal financial donations to bring
> the first XOs to Vietnam were from my heart. Knowing my limitations, (I’m
> not technically highly skilled, my location is in the US, I’m a
> non-Vietnamese speaker and more), whatever the future of that project, I
> believe that I have had a positive impact on at least a few children and
> seeded ideas for the future. My work has been worthwhile.  I do hope that
> Mr. Quynh is correct when he says  “that things will eventually get in
> place.”

Yes. For sure your action had a positive impact and has paved the way
to several spin-offs, and it's a great contribution to the OLPC
Vietnam project.

> I so appreciate every volunteer’s energy and efforts! I continue to be
> available as a liason to OLPC and to encourage OLPC Vietnam, which I hope
> will continue to grow from within Vietnam.

Are there any volunteers to gather for one afternoon (or morning, or
evening) and finish up the translation of the XO manual on
Flossmanuals ?


I "promised" to finish the translation for last year. It's never late
to fulfill that promise.
By gathering forces, in a short time we can help together to
accomplish one job : finish the translation and publish the XO manual
in Vietnamese !

I believe that by working at 3-4 persons, within 3-4 hours we could
finish the translation of XO Manual.
I'll provide some coffee, tea and biscuits !

So any volunteers for a translation sprint ? and do not hesitate to
propose a date !

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/