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Presentation and Seminar on Software Freedom Day

Hi OLPC Vietnam members,

As you might have heard, the [1]Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2010 in
Vietnam will be held on Sep 18, 2010.  This is a good chance for us to
expand our community, since OLPC Vietnam is not so strong and active at
the moment.  If you want to do something for OLPC on that day, please
don't hesitate to contact me since I'm a part of the organizers' group,
especially for OLPC Vietnam and seminars preparation.  I would like to
prepare for some presentations and a small seminar about OLPC Vietnam,
and I need your help.  Does anyone want to join me on that event?
Nguyet, Serge, could you lend me your XO machines in the afternoon on

[1] http://wiki.hanoilug.org/events:softwarefreedomday:2010:18sept2010

Best regards,
Yang Nguyen
Web log: http://cmpitg.wordpress.com/
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