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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Presentation and Seminar on Software Freedom Day

Hi everyone!

It's a great idea to share the OLPC mission at the Vietnam Software Freedom Day! I am so happy to see the volunteer group interest in Hanoi!

1. I have attached 2 PDF documents which I think might be useful.
One is a 2 page flyer that I printed front and back on bright green paper, to handout when I make a presentation. The other is a quick slide show that I used to speak about the OLPC VVV project at a local Rotary meeting.

Please don't feel any obligation to use them, but do feel free to change them, translate them, and use any parts that you think are appropriate, or just to get ideas.

2. I feel limited in my ability to help because I am stuck in the USA this year.:) Our OLPC Vietnam volunteers located in Vietnam will be the ones to take OLPC forward in Vietnam. This isn't my project. It is our OLPC community project. Please know that I support any decisions we/you make as a group.

3. XOs for Demos, Teaching, Learning, and Vietnam Pilot Support

Inventory: There are 12 XOs in the VVV, all delivered with new batteries. There are two additional XOs that don't boot there, I brought for parts and repair use.  Now I have learned what is probably wrong with those. If you can get them from Hong Gai, I think they can be easily repaired. And, by working on them, our OLPC VN group can learn repairs. (I can provide on line help.)

I have received an additional 7 XOs from my listing here:
and I hope to get a few more. They are getting hard to find.

Of the 7, Nguyet and Serge have the first 2 sent over with a visiting doctor in April. Lilly generously volunteered to bring one that I sent her. I realized that these re-donated ones, including the 2 already in HN, have original first generation batteries. Probably those early batteries don't hold a charge for 4-5 hours like the new ones, and they have a higher failure rate. I purchased and sent 2 new batteries to Lilly to bring; one for the XO she brought and one for 1 of the others. I have to repair two of the XOs I have. (They have the same internal clock problem that occurred on some original G1G1 XOs when unused for too long.) Next time I have someone trustworthy to bring XOs over, I'll include an extra new battery for the 3rd XO already in HN.

4. Who are these XOs for?
    From where can we get more XOs?

Technically, the 7 XOs were donated for the VVV project. My dream is for that project to succeed, and to expand to other floating vllages with children but no schools or regular teachers. For this to happen, OLPC Vietnam needs to develop and grow. XO pilots need people to teach and provide support. I think that we, OLPC Vietnam should decide together what the best use of the XOs I can send over will be, at any one time. If adults can use the XOs and see their learning potential then perhaps OLPC Vietnam can procure funding to set up a staffed NGO like OLE Nepal, and purchase XOs for a pilot in a location easier to support. I think we should use the XOs that I can send over to grow OLPC Vietnam so that people in Vietnam can help the VVV project, Marina's girls in Saigon, and new pilots.
The ultimate goal, should be to distribute these donated XOs to children but to do that, we need to use them first, don't you think?

Contributors Program XOs Are Available
(and include shipping to VN)
OLPC Vietnam volunteers can apply for developer XOs and for a small number for a pilot to be run in or near Hanoi where it is easier to support and more visible. 

I can advise volunteers on writing an application likely to be approved and try to help get it approved. Meetings to consider these applications occur once weekly.

I will be excited to hear about the Software Freedom Day. I wish I could attend!

Warm regards to everyone and my sincere thanks,

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 5:08 AM, Yang Ha Nguyen <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi OLPC Vietnam members,

As you might have heard, the [1]Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2010 in
Vietnam will be held on Sep 18, 2010.  This is a good chance for us to
expand our community, since OLPC Vietnam is not so strong and active at
the moment.  If you want to do something for OLPC on that day, please
don't hesitate to contact me since I'm a part of the organizers' group,
especially for OLPC Vietnam and seminars preparation.  I would like to
prepare for some presentations and a small seminar about OLPC Vietnam,
and I need your help.  Does anyone want to join me on that event?
Nguyet, Serge, could you lend me your XO machines in the afternoon on

[1] http://wiki.hanoilug.org/events:softwarefreedomday:2010:18sept2010

Best regards,
Yang Nguyen
Web log: http://cmpitg.wordpress.com/
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