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Re: [OLPCVietnam] Presentation and Seminar on Software Freedom Day

Hi Nancie

2010/9/7 Nancie Severs <[email protected]>:

> 1. I have attached 2 PDF documents which I think might be useful.
> One is a 2 page flyer that I printed front and back on bright green paper,
> to handout when I make a presentation. The other is a quick slide show that
> I used to speak about the OLPC VVV project at a local Rotary meeting.

The VVV PDF presentation for Rotary (PDF.key) can't be used. It is in
Keynote format for Mac OS. So only Serge could use it (he has a Mac
You, or Serge, would need to export it in a plain PDF format so that
it could be used largely.

> 4. Who are these XOs for?
>     From where can we get more XOs?
> Technically, the 7 XOs were donated for the VVV project. My dream is for
> that project to succeed, and to expand to other floating vllages with
> children but no schools or regular teachers. For this to happen, OLPC
> Vietnam needs to develop and grow. XO pilots need people to teach and
> provide support. I think that we, OLPC Vietnam should decide together what
> the best use of the XOs I can send over will be, at any one time. If adults
> can use the XOs and see their learning potential then perhaps OLPC Vietnam
> can procure funding to set up a staffed NGO like OLE Nepal, and purchase XOs
> for a pilot in a location easier to support. I think we should use the XOs
> that I can send over to grow OLPC Vietnam so that people in Vietnam can help
> the VVV project, Marina's girls in Saigon, and new pilots.
> The ultimate goal, should be to distribute these donated XOs to children but
> to do that, we need to use them first, don't you think?
> Contributors Program XOs Are Available (and include shipping to VN)
> OLPC Vietnam volunteers can apply for developer XOs and for a small number
> for a pilot to be run in or near Hanoi where it is easier to support and
> more visible.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program

Maybe what we need are :

- a set of XOs (like 3-5) to do demonstrations at various
schools/places in Hanoi
- some Sugar on a Stick key drives (but we could also produce them,
it's only nicer if there is a brand printed on the sticks)
- A core of volunteers (machines without humans are useless) willing
to spend some time in advocating the use of Sugar (and XO)
- some funds for some necessary expenses (but for this, we have the
MOST Fund that anyone in the OLPC-VN project could file a request for

We could then target for speech and demo :

- Pedagogy universities/schools to make teaching faculty staff and
students (to become teachers in elementary and maternal schools) to be
aware of XO and Sugar
- Primary and maternal schools (private and public)
- etc.

If we can get 3-5 persons minimum to do that in Hanoi, we could try to
elaborate for a pilot ? Any volunteers for this ?

@Nguyet Anh and Lilly
Would you accept to hold a "booth" about OLPC-VN on saturday 18/09
morning ? We could then distribute some flyers, advertise about the
project, show the XO and inform about the afternoon seminar on the
project. I ask you that because human resources on our side are scarce
and I am already deeply involved in every details for the SFD 2010
organization in Hanoi.


Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog: http://vdquynh.blogspot.com/