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OLPC Vietnam Meeting June, 2010 and discussion

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From: Nancie Severs <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Re: OLPC Vietnam Meeting June, 2010 and discussion
To: Lilly Nguyen <[email protected]>

Welcome Lilly,

How lucky is OLPC Vietnam to have you on the team and coming to Hanoi for 1
year very soon. I am grateful for your willingness to help us. Your ideas,
Vietnamese language skills, and experience with Open Learning will be so
very helpful. Thank you for volunteering. Since we are both in the US we can
speak by phone at a time convenient for both of us. I can answer questions
and I always enjoy sharing my experiences there.:)

To everyone,

I agree with Yang Ha Nguyen who says: "I think we should do some analysis
about the model of Nepal, its achievements as well as its limitations and
mistakes. By that way, we can apply the similar model to Vietnam,
practically and effectively."

As background information and to augment what Lilly is putting together:

The Open Learning Exchange http://ole.org/ site lists Open Learning Exchange
(OLE) Nepal as a "Nepali non-governmental organization dedicated to
assisting the Government of Nepal in meeting its Education for All goals by
developing freely accessible, open-source Information and Communication
Technology (ICT)-based educational teaching-learning materials."

Rabi Karmacharya is the Executive Director. He has been involved with the
OLPC project in Nepal from the beginning. He is very willing to share his
knowledge and experience, with funding, staff and volunteer training and
roles, the teacher training courses, and information about the curriculum
and library.

OLENepal has 2000 XOs in 36 schools.

Serge & Nguyet met Rabi recently in Hanoi and Marina and I met with him in
Boston on May 30, 2010.


In addition to the OLPC wiki project page,
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Nepal , more complete information on OLENepal
is at www.olenepal.org <http://olenepal.org/index.html>

That website has just about everything we need to know to emulate that
organization. Rabi can answer specific questions regarding their
organizational structure that will help our discussions about what kind of
organization will be most likely to acquire adequate funding in Vietnam. We
can ask him about OLENepal's funding sources (successful grants) and
unproductive funding efforts too when we reach that step.

Marina and I had an interesting discussion with Rabi about why OLENepal does
not use OLPC in its name. OLENepal has made a commitment in funds, time and
development to the Sugar open software platform, determining that it is the
best match for their goals, for the children and ages they are targeting.
Right now, they have also decided that the XO is the chosen hardware for
their project. But if a different laptop was/is a better fit in the future,
OLENepal's organizational structure enables different paths to Open
Learning. At some point, our group may need to have this discussion also.

The OLENepal curriculum and library links can be found their under "Our

The OLENepal Digital Library is a good place to start!

You can change the language to English on this site. (Click the English flag
top right). Many of the teaching materials are in English. There are lots of
English e-books. Perhaps our OLPC Vietnam developers/volunteers can use this
site as a model (and big timesaver) to build an Open Vietnam Digital Library
for the XOs.

*Do you think this might be a good project to begin soon? The VVV does not
have Internet yet. But teachers return to the mainland on weekends and could
download resources to a flash drive and bring books etc to install on the
XOs for lessons. Later, I am certain that the Internet will be available
there. Marina's girls in the shelter in HCMC already have Internet.*

E-paath is the curriculum Activity developed for use on the XO in the
classroom. It specifically addresses 3 major areas prescribed by the
Government curriculum;Nepali, English and Math, if I remember correctly from
my meeting with Rabi. http://olenepal.org/e_paath.html