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Re: OLPC Vietnam Meeting June, 2010 and discussion

Hi all,

Sharing some thoughts:

2010/6/10 Lilly Nguyen <[email protected]>

This makes me think that it might be a good idea to try and hook up with people in the teaching community explicitly to try and simultaneously do content while deploying the hardware. However, as someone who does not live in Vietnam, I do not know the education culture in Vietnam and do not know how teachers typically work with national standards. Would they prefer to use these tools to continue the current educational strategies as set by the national standards? Or would they prefer to use these tools to perhaps explore other avenues, methods, content areas. Or more simply, what current needs do teachers have that OLPC could address? 

One potential partner is the Open Education Resources folks in Vietnam.
The OER community is explicitly about developing open content and in the US there have been partnerships between OER and OLPC, but I don't know if that has been attempted yet here in Vietnam. The OER people in VN seem to be primarily funded by the Vietnam Foundation (NGO) so that might be an avenue that combines Quynh's bottom up/top down approach. 

Yesterday i've done some search about the present status of computer use in the maternal classes and primary schools in Vietnam.

It happens that IBM VN has sponsorized the Kidsmart program in Vietnam since around 2002. The Kidsmart is a kid-oriented PC station with a set of educational activities:


The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam is currently convening a conference for the final evaluation of a 5-year program on introducing information technology in the kindergarten schools in Vietnam.

I've summarized a set of links about information technology and kindergarten education program here (Vietnamese only):

This could be useful for Lilly to study ;-)

This final evaluation includes the percentage of kids having been able to use Kidsmart in each of the schools included in the program.

In summary: this means that

1) There is awareness and will from educational authorities in Vietnam to introduce computer-based activities to children from the kindergarten level

2) There is already an evaluation ongoing with a program called Kidsmart backed up by IBM VN throught he VN Ministry of E&T

3) Educational tools like XOs, Sugar can thus certainly be applied in Vietnam.

Thus we need to increase awareness and will to test XO and Sugar among educational authorities at all levels possible.

The grassroot approach, like the VVV school, could be used as a "beachhead" to climb up educational authorities levels. There we need to develop better local knowledge for a good sustainability of the project itself (localized manuals, local materials - in fact it seems there is an abondance of electronic materials, like ppt slides - that are put on the web by VN teachers that could be re-used).

We may also try (need) to find other sites as well that would be more easily followed-up (for me, like in the suburbs of Hanoi).

Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam