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Re: OLPC Vietnam Meeting June, 2010 and discussion

On Jun 9, 2010, at 8:42 PM, Yang Ha Nguyen wrote:

Could you please share with us more details about the Open Learning Community (OLE) model of Nepal? Some resources would be great. At the first meeting on last Saturday, Mr. Stinckwick did talk briefly about the model, the community and the results in Nepal. I just got the basic idea. I think we should do some analysis about the model of Nepal, its achievements as well as its limitations and mistakes. By that way, we can apply the similar model to Vietnam, practically and effectively.

In the spirit of dialogue in an "open" manner, I thought I would just shoot out what I've managed to learn so far by scanning the various blogs and websites before I go to bed and get feedback from you all to see if any of this is helpful. 

OLE's strategy breaks down into three specific areas: teacher training, building network infrastructure, and capacity building. I think the teacher training question, or what I would describe as teacher buy-in and support, is one of the elements that is probably a big part of OLPC's success in Nepal. The spirit of OLPC clear emphasizes educational goals and it seems like the innovation there has been rooted more in their direct combination of development with curriculum/content (see their projects E-Pustakalaya and E-Paath). That said, their core team consists of developers AND graphic designer (UI?) AND curriculum designer. 

This makes me think that it might be a good idea to try and hook up with people in the teaching community explicitly to try and simultaneously do content while deploying the hardware. However, as someone who does not live in Vietnam, I do not know the education culture in Vietnam and do not know how teachers typically work with national standards. Would they prefer to use these tools to continue the current educational strategies as set by the national standards? Or would they prefer to use these tools to perhaps explore other avenues, methods, content areas. Or more simply, what current needs do teachers have that OLPC could address? 

One potential partner is the Open Education Resources folks in Vietnam.
The OER community is explicitly about developing open content and in the US there have been partnerships between OER and OLPC, but I don't know if that has been attempted yet here in Vietnam. The OER people in VN seem to be primarily funded by the Vietnam Foundation (NGO) so that might be an avenue that combines Quynh's bottom up/top down approach. 

Thanks for letting me share.


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