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Re: [FM Discuss] Translation of XO and Sugar manuals to Vietnamese


2010/6/17 John Curwood <[email protected]>
Hi Vu Do Quynh

A Vietnamese Translation has already been set up for 'XO_vi' on the
"Write" page at the translate website.  You can access it from Here:

I have set up the 'Sugar_vi' manual, you can access it from the "Write"
page or from here:

The 'TurtleArt_vi' is now set up on the "Write" page and can also be
accessed here:

Good luck and if you need or want any help please don't hesitate to
contact the mailing list.



Thank you.

I've just logged on to try and everything seems to be working fine.

It's good to know that some work had already been done.

Best regards
Vu Do Quynh (M.)
Hanoi, Vietnam