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Re: [HanoiLUG] OLPC Vietnam need you

Great write up. Hope things will pick up in the near future but I think this is a great start. Will keep on eye on any not used XOs that can be put into good use again.


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>Dear Serge and OLPC HN volunteers!
>I am thrilled to see that a few people will get together on June 5 in Hanoi
>to talk about OLPC Vietnam and Sugar Software Activities for Vietnam!
>Hopefully you can get SOAS (Sugar on a stick) working. Ms. Nguyet has an XO.
>She has used it to learn some things so that she can answer questions from
>the people in the VVV in Vietnamese.  She can bring hers along to a meeting
>for demos. Is her email on this list and does she know about the June 5
>meeting date and location?
>Serge, Ms. Nguyet had one extra XO I recently sent also. The plan was to
>bring that one to Mr. Tuyen in the VVV at some point. If Nguyet has not yet
>delivered it, it might be useful for you to have 2 in Hanoi to experiment
>with the "mesh" and collaborative activities.
>It is nice to see you here Mr. Quynh! Welcome Yang and Gwenhael
>It is my hope that OLPC Vietnam, especially volunteers in Hanoi and Ha Long
>Bay can collaborate and help each other. When Marina visited the VVV
>recently, she found that the teachers and children really need more
>instruction on how to use the XOs.  She suggests and I agree that the best
>thing would be to have a volunteer or some volunteers to teach in the VVV
>for a short time to teach more Activities with the XOs. It would be
>wonderful for everyone involved if the open software community in Vietnam
>could figure out how to give these opportunities to young Vietnamese.
>Discussion of this point: I think the biggest obstacle we have encountered
>with the VVV project is that the teachers are not very comfortable using
>computers or the XOs. In Vietnam, it seems to me that the teachers are the
>"experts" and they teach the children what to do. But the XOs and Sugar are
>designed to teach children how to learn and figure things out hands on. We
>adults need to be able to sit down with a child and say, "I don't know how
>to do that. Let's figure it out together. If we can't figure it out, then
>lets find a way to get on the Internet and look at the Wiki or go to the
>Help Forum."
>I think that Ms. Hong in the VVV, copied on this email, has been working
>with the children and the XO some, as an extra-curricular activity. The
>children that have used the XOs the most, clearly know how to do the things
>they have been shown. It seems to me that they are not given independent
>time to play around with the programs. Progress has been limited too because
>they have had no previous exposure to any software or the Internet. I
>believe that if the children who know how to properly care for the XOs, and
>to preserve the battery life, can take them home and play with them, then
>the kids will figure lots of stuff out! There are a few kids out there,
>(like everywhere) to whom the hands on computing comes naturally. If we can
>identify and encourage those kids, perhaps we can sustain and grow the
>My goals:
>1. Enlist volunteers familiar with Sugar who also use the Internet for IT
>2. Bring the Internet to the VVV. There are tv and satellite cell phone
>signals out in the VVV already. What would be the most reliable and cost
>efficient way to bring Internet to the VVV. Discussions with Directors of
>the Floating Villages Cooperative and Indochina Junk Company perhaps could
>facilitate this with a cost sharing plan and or tourist fund-raising plan.
>3. Regular use of the XOs by the children to learn skills to prepare them
>for higher education (high school) and employment in the tourist industry or
>elsewhere on the mainland. For example, Write and Paint and Scratch, Etoys,
>later Terminal, to learn and understand programming. Access to the Internet
>for Science research especially to teach skills for setting up and repairing
>solar technology for electricity and hot water.
>4. Expand to the other floating villages that have no schools, no teachers
>or learning resources. Using XO proficient children and adults from the VVV
>to help with that.
>Serge, here are some questions to consider while visiting the VVV.
>1. There are about 24 kids in school in the VVV. How many school aged
>children are there in the other floating villages? Which village would be
>the best to target first. (Marina says that one tour guide she spoke to is
>very concerned that there is no school in his village and hopes to send his
>children to the VVV school.)
>2. How can the XO project in the VVV  best be supported. In the VVV is the
>goal "1 laptop per child" or is shared instruction and a "lending library" a
>better model?
>3.  Would access to the Internet improve things in the VVV for the children
>and for the adult community. Is Internet available, practical and how much
>would it cost?
>4. Are the solar panels working and in use? Can you see or ask whether the
>equipment Nancie brought is generating electricity that benefits the VVV? (I
>am curious whether the suggestion of clean power for Ha Long Bay is taking
>5. Are there insurmountable problems with this deployment? (The biggest
>question I see going forward will be whether to continue it "volunteer" or
>to seek a "paid" model, either with support of the Vietnamese Education
>Ministry and more formal teacher training and involvement, or with corporate
>partners from the tourism industry, or  with an NGO.
>Have a wonderful visit. Please bring my best regards to everyone!
>On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:38 AM, Serge Stinckwich <
>[email protected]> wrote:
>> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 3:16 PM, Vu Do Quynh <[email protected]> wrote:
>> > Le 18/05/2010 15:12, Serge Stinckwich a �crit :
>> >
>> >>> 5th June is fine. It will be the samedi-libre of June, by the way.
>> >>
>> >> Ok, thank you. We can be located at CNF ?
>> >
>> > OK then. Tell me when (morning/afternoon) or the exact timing as soon as
>> > possible.
>> Ok, for a first meeting maybe just a morning would be ok.
>> A short schedule of what we could do:
>> - report of Vung Vieng village visit
>> - demo/install Sugar
>> - demo/install EToys
>> - brainstorm about projects for OLPC-Vietnam
>> any other ideas ?
>> > It would be nice to have a demo (install?) of the sugar environment on an
>> > other OS (GNU/Linux preferably). I tried once with Ubuntu 9.04 but I was
>> not
>> > very successful with that on the first approach and didn't had time to
>> push
>> > further for investigation. I will try again this week I think.
>> Yes there is also the "Sugar on a Stick":
>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Downloads
>> Maybe we could demo/install this version.
>> See you,
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