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Re: OLPC Vietnam need you

On 06/19/2010 11:27 PM, Quyen wrote:
Ok, ic.
Yes, I'm in Hanoi.
I see that this group has some meeting already.
I think no need to meet frequently. We can have conference online.
What should I do now?
Hi Quyen,

I think Serge is directly involved in OLPC Vietnam in Hanoi at the moment. However, he will not be in Hanoi for a while. You can contact him via his email: serge.stinckwich[at]gmail.com. And also, there are some people who are really passionate in this project: Nancie Severs (nanciesevers[at]gmail.com), Lily Nguyen (lillynguyen[at]gmail.com), ...

Add my GTalk/Jabber account [email protected] if you would like to talk to me directly online. It would be a pleasure for me to help you as much as I can.

Yang Nguyen
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