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Re: OLPC Vietnam need you

Thank you for a very clear instruction.

On Jun 22, 8:37 am, Quynh Vu Do <[email protected]> wrote:
> 2010/6/19 Quyen <[email protected]>
> > Hello,
> > I've just known about OLPC when I was browsing some IT forum.
> > Can I join this group? I've been working as a software developer for 3
> > years & I work with Java.
> > If I take part in this group I can do development, testing &
> > translation.
> You should get some acquaintance with the Sugar environment. You can install
> it as a virtual machine to see what it looks like.
> If you want to do development, there is some work to do about the issue of
> typing Vietnamese. I can't help you much about that as I'm not a programmer.
> For translations, I believe the Sugar environment has been translated 100%
> by Clytie Siddall and others but may need some reviewing.
> Also going on is translation of existing Flossmanuals (XO, Sugar, Turtle
> Activity) athttp://en.flossmanuals.net
> Miss Anh Nguyêt is taking on part of XO. Things need to get started on Sugar
> manual. You need of course to know a little bit Sugar to translate better.
> Localized activities (in Vietnamese) are also needed. For that you need to
> know how activities are produced. There is one Flossmanuals about creating
> activities (here activity in Sugar is the term equivalent to application).
> Activities that are on focus (programmation etc.) are Etoys (Serge
> Stinckwich) and an other candidate which is magicWords.
> If you don't have an XO laptop to test the Sugar environment, you can use
> Sugar on a Stick (as live USB but no persistent file) or install it (http://sugarlabs.org/). You can also use Trisquel Toast (Ubuntu based, fromhttp://trisquel.info/) which is, IMHO, a very good choice.
> So there are many things to do. It's up to you, your own knowledge and
> interest.
> --
> Vu Do Quynh (M.)
> Hanoi, Vietnam