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Master thesis about OLPC

Hello everybody,


My name's Bao Long, I'm a student at the University of applied science in western switzerland. For my master thesis, I have to search some information about OLPC project and one part of my work consists in applications need in emerging countries.

I will be very happy if you could help me by answering these questions :


  1. With the on the spot children, what kind of application do you develop? (To teach to the children to read, to write or something else?)
  2. What are the main problems which you meet? (Lack of developers, materials(equipments)
  3. In spite of to be a non-profit project and people are volunteers, have you all the same financial helps?
  4. I saw that you have few devices, how do you make? The children come to the school and put themselves in several around a device?

Thank you in advance for your effort.
I am looking forward for your answers.

Best regards.

Bao Long.