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Rotary Power Point Presentation attached

For the SFD:

Sorry about the keynote file. I thought I had attached the PDF. I switched from a Dell to my son's used MacbBook Pro recently and I am still learning it. Does this one work?  

As I said before, I sent it for ideas. If you want to use it, it's fine. I attached some more photos of the VVV kids using the XOs in case you want to switch out the ones of me for some of these or otherwise use them. That is probably better for the SFD purposes.

Please take some photos at the SFD of people and especially children or teens with the XOs. I would love to have some new photos to post.  

Let me know how else I can help with SFD. After that, we can decide who wants to apply for 5 developer machines (it's likely you will get fewer than you apply for.) And I can try & help with that.

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