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Getting Internet to Remote Locations in Vietnam

Hello everyone! Today I share interesting and possibly productive news. Last Sunday I attended the teleconference described below. You can scroll through Roger Glasel's presentation, attached.

After the presentation and q & a, I wrote Roger the following email:

Dear Roger,
Thank you for the interesting presentation. Everything I learn about helps someone, somewhere at some point.
I have attached some fun photos for you. You can see the challenge of the (very beautiful) site in Vietnam. Frankly, I don't know if we have a connectivity problem yet. This pilot site is new and we don't yet have funds for staff or to explore Internet. There is tv reception in the village, possibly satellite and there are 1 or 2 cell phones which sometimes have service.

This site is off the electric grid. We use a combination of solar power and a generator to charge the laptops. There is internet on the mainland 45 Kilometers away and I have seen USB wireless cards that plug into PC's. I suspect they use the cell company connections. The site is in Bai Tu Long Bay, nearby to major shipping lanes.

The Vietnamese team will be looking into Internet options for this and similarly remote sites as we grow and replicate this first OLPC pilot in Vietnam. It is great to learn about EEZEE. One never knows what a corporate partnership can do for both partners until we have a conversation. Just imagine the marketing value of demonstrating your project (as a gift) in the very remote Ha Long Bay site. This site is regularly visited by tourists from China, Japan, Asia and around the world and could be visible to many potential customers.

The Project Page is at:

I share lots of photos and details in my travelpod blog at:

Let's keep in touch. You can find me here, at my personal email:
[email protected]
Thanks again,
OLPC Volunteer

I suggested that his for profit company consider a gift of their technology for use to bring Internet to the VVV pilot. He replied with interest and some questions.

Please help me answer his questions.

Do you have GPS coordinates of the Vung Vieng Village?

Do you have the name(s) of the cell providers you wish to use or have used?

I'm not sure which cell provider works reliably in Bai Tu Long Bay and whether it is by satellite of fixed signal. The Eezee product is a cell signal extender that can bring/extend cell signals 125 km depending on the topography.

I don't know if this is a good fit, or even necessary to bring Internet to the VVV. As I know the cost of Internet service will be the major issue. I was hoping to get a donor involved to pay the costs for perhaps, the unusual marketing benefits that I thought demonstrating their product in Ha Long Bay might present. Do you think we should we pursue this?

The Presentation is attached. The Announcement of the Presentation follows:
Sunday June 27 - How Cellular Data can Reach *Distant* Schools

By Roger Glasel, CEO eeZee Communicarions Inc, http://www.eezee.ca

  Roger will explain how you can put your school online, even if you
    live in a remote area just outside the reach of your cellphone's
    normal calling areas.  The technology does not require the
    cellphone company advance permission, and requires only
    a $700-$2500 device that dramatically boosts your regular
    cellphone data plan's signal, using all modern protocols:

Thanks everyone! Nancie:)

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