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Re: Visiting the VVV next week - Please connect with Tuyen


Le 14/07/2010 23:28, Nancie Severs a écrit :

Safe, easy travels. Enjoy. I know that success can come from small, but
consistent efforts, and with patience. We have accomplished so much already
in a fairly short time frame. Thank you!
No luck : I went to Ha Long right when the first storm of the season
also poured in right in the Quang Ninh province.
As a result, there wasn't any boat at the pier in Ha Long. Tuyên told me
the office of Indochina Junk was closed, all the boats in refuge from
the storm. I actually went from Ha Long to Hon Gai by bus (N° 3) and
located the Indochina Junk office at 73 Lê Thanh Tông street (and not at
88 Lê Thanh Tông, as stated on their web page), not far from the Bus N°
3 terminal in Hon Gai.
So the visit to the VVV will be for an other time.

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