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FOSS Asia Preparation

Hi everyone,

As you might have known, [1]FOSS Asia is coming.  We have just a couple
days before that event.  Lilly will be the representative of OLPC
Vietnam in Hanoi at FOSS Asia (in Ho Chi Minh city).

Last Saturday, Lilly and I have discussed about the OLPC Vietnam
presentation for incoming FOSS Asia.  With Lilly's discussion with Mario
before, we decided to reuse our presentation at the Software Freedom Day
last month and to add more information about the vision and future of
OLPC Vietnam.  After the afternoon, we decided the put the following 4
points to the presentation:

  - Primary organizing committee:  It is the committee which will
    organize everything from social activities to technical things.
    This is a vital point of the project.  We need a leader, we need
    someone who understand and have to capability to manage, to
    organize.  This committee will decide what your goals are per each
    milestone and leads us in the appropriate direction.
  - Government participation:  OLPC is an educational project, using XOs
    as tools.  Without the participation of the Vietnamese government,
    it will never success.
  - Increasing educational content:  Not only does the education content
    used with XOs have to be rich but also it needs to be localized to
    be more appropriate for Vietnamese children.
  - Funding:  Yes, seriously, we need funding to maintain our project.
    The funding may come from the government, partnerships,
    sponsorships, ...

We'd love to hear your opinions and advices about these points to make it
a part of our project and have other ones know about it through our

[1] http://fossasia.org/

Warmest regards,
Yang Nguyen
Web log: http://cmpitg.wordpress.com/
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