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Re: [saigonlug] write in vietnamese

2010/7/9 Moriator <[email protected]>
On 7/9/2010 9:46 AM, Cédric Ridel wrote:
First sorry to use english but my vietnamese too bad !

If you are French, feel free to write to me in French! ;-)
i intend to install ubuntu 1.04 on the computer of my wife. For her work she uses word and write vietnamese with vietkey (Unicode/telex).

Oh? You are leaving in the South and using the Telex writing method?? Or I can guess she is not originating from the South, is she? South people are more used to the VNI writing method.

What should I install in ubuntu to use OpenOffice in order :
- to read files written by others with Word and Vietkey

To read files in Unicode format, you need nothing more than OpenOffice.org.

To read files using old encoding, well, for multiple technical reasons the best solution is to convert them to Unicode before starting any modification.

For that matter I wrote an extension for OpenOffice.org called OvniConv, which I then enhanced with the help of 2 Vietnamese friends (on a request from the MoST) and the result has been made available as a new project (a fork dedicated to this request) called B2UConverter. I strongly recommend to install the latter one, since it's currently the most achieved work (even if there is still a few minor bugs, but without loss of data, only some data left unconverted sometime).

- to export files in doc format so that those osers can read the files;

OpenOffice.org do that natively, you can even let it do that by default (which I absolutely won't recommend).

Note, though, the conversion is not (and will never be) perfect. You'll always lose something while converting from ODF to Micro$oft Office formats.

If you want to type Vietnamese, you can use SCIM Unikey or iBUS Unikey. You can Google them or find more information in http://www.ubuntu-vn.org/

Yep, I also recommend using the "unikey extension" to iBus (or SCIM) since it's more natural to old unikey/vietkey users (more clever quick typing hacks).

But you don't really need to look far away to find them now: from 10.04 they have been integrated to the Ubuntu repository (packages: ibus-unikey in main, and scim-unikey in universe), thanks to Lê Quốc Tuấn (and Lê Kiến Trúc too).

Cheers, dear friends from the South, JC from HanoiLUG. ;-)