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Re: [saigonlug] write in vietnamese

To read files using old encoding, well, for multiple technical reasons the best solution is to convert them to Unicode before starting any modification.

For that matter I wrote an extension for OpenOffice.org called OvniConv, which I then enhanced with the help of 2 Vietnamese friends (on a request from the MoST) and the result has been made available as a new project (a fork dedicated to this request) called B2UConverter. I strongly recommend to install the latter one, since it's currently the most achieved work (even if there is still a few minor bugs, but without loss of data, only some data left unconverted sometime).

You can convert to Unicode or you can install more Vietnamese font.
I strongly recommend you install more Vietnamese font.
Vietnamese document can use:
+Unicode font: You needn't install Unicode fonts. They are shipped with OO.o.
+VNI font, ABC (TCVN) font, Vietware font, BK-TPHCM font: You need to find this font in the Net and install them.

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