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Re: [saigonlug] write in vietnamese

In Vietnam, people like to use VNI font in the south and ABC (TCVN) font in the north because the beauty of these fonts.
So if you want to convert, you must convert it again & again when you receive a document from Vietnamese person.
I am using OO.o, I have no problem when using VNI/ACB font.
These are alternative fonts beside Unicode fonts but old fonts or obseleted font as you said.
This is just my opion.

2010/7/10 JC <[email protected]>
No, sorry but this is plain wrong...

Even if you install the old fonts, which you should now have been OBSOLETED by legal decision as soon as in 2001, you will have trouble using them with softwares such as OpenOffice.org (eg the usual [ư] problem).

And, BTW, it's probably illegal to install these old fonts outside their originally designed usage (without even talking about the illegal origin of some of them)...

Recommending to install the obsolete fonts is WRONG for technical reasons and strategical ones. Everything should already have been moved to Unicode now, and whatever has not moved yet, it's time to finish the move!

Cheers, JC.

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