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FOSSASIA coming up!


as you know FOSSASIA 2010 is coming up. We are currently finalizing
the schedule. A list of most speakers is online here:

Actually we have kept the speaker registration open for late
proposals. So, if anyone of you still would like to give a talk you
are welcome: http://fossasia.org/speaker-registration

Preetam Rai from Singapore will also put up a Barcamp like "ignite
session" track for short talks: http://fossasia.org/unconference

Tuan from iway will come to support from Hanoi, as he has announced
already on this list and Mozilla and Fedora developer Pierros from
Greece will join us here soon.

I am particularly happy as well to welcome some friends from the
Debian community as well. We will be hosting a Mini-Debconf. In the
Debian wiki you will find an agenda, which might change a bit and is
updated by participants. If you are interested in the Debian gathering
in particular, please add your name to the list of attendees:

So, see you all soon.

All the best,