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Re: [HanoiLUG] A11y: Few thoughts before the meeting


Le 26/11/2010 10:08, arky a écrit :

Remastering Ubuntu
We can customise the Ubuntu Desktop CD to start with screen reader
mode.vinux [5] already does this. You can work with vinux image or the
standard Ubuntu LTS image. The idea is make a full desktop accessible
with orca with vietnamese TTS.
For your information : Knoppix has developed a special version of its
live CD for blind people, which is named Adriane (from the wife's name
of Klaus Knopper who is blind):

Knoppix Live CD Adriane version starts in non graphical screen (it's for blind people so no need to see graphics screen). I don't know if that would be more usable but certainly it would use less resources that a full graphical desktop. This could be important as blind people often have limited resources and can end-up with old given out computers.
The drawback could be that localization in Vietnamese for Knoppix
Adriane might be less easier than it is for Ubuntu. But the concept to
think of in remasterizing the live CD for the future is that a graphical
desktop is not very necessary for blind people but instead is more
directed to people not visually-impaired helping blind people.
I have written some of the Orca Documentation man pages, cheat sheets
and started writing Orca training manual. If possible try to translate
some of the documentation into Vietnamese or help us conduct the
workshops and training camps.

Documentation and local community support are the key to successful
adoption of Orca and NVDA screen readers.
Definitely !

Wish you all a good work
M. VU DO Quynh
AUF (Tổ chức hợp tác ĐH Pháp ngữ)
Campus numérique francophone (CNF) de Hanoi
Nhà D, ngõ 42 Tạ Quang Bửu
Tél.: (84-4) ; Fax: (84-4)