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Re: [saigonlug] [ en - vi ] An NGUYEN resign as SaigonLUG's team leader

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> From: "An Nguyen" <[email protected]>
> To: "SaigonLUG Mailing List" <[email protected]ooglegroups.com>
> Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 2:32:28 AM
> Subject: [saigonlug] [ en - vi ] An NGUYEN resign as SaigonLUG's team leader
> I'm An NGUYEN (NGUYỄN Châu An). I've been the team leader of the
> Saigon Linux User Group for more than 1 year as you may already knew.
> As a team leader, my responsibility is organizing SaigonLUG's events,
> representing for SaigonLUG in many ICT events and conferences,
> moderating the mailing lists and maintaining the website. The last 1
> year I spent with Saigonluggers was definitely one of the greatest
> times of my life. Thanks to this amazing community, I've met and
> befriended to many awesome guys (too bad there was no girl at all :-(

I know, I know :)

> However, recently, I've realised
> that I need more times to seriously study technical subjects that I'm
> really passionate about such as Cryptography and TCP/IP. So, I decided
> to resign from my position at SaigonLUG.

Good luck to you :)

> From now on, I'll only
> contribute to this community as a mailing list's moderator and a
> website's maintainer. About who will replace me, I think we all should
> discuss about whether SaigonLUG needs a team leader or we should keep
> it as a flat and community-driven organization. The last decision is
> up to majority opinion.
> If anyone wants to do something for SaigonLUG as well as the FOSS
> Community in HCMC, please feel free to send an email to this list.
> After all, FOSS community is where FOSS guys come to share knowledges
> and experiences, make new friends and have good laughs with other
> guys. You guys are always welcomed in the community.

I am a HanoiLUG member.
In my view, it's not neccessary to have a dedicated leader for a LUG.
Exactly, you should have a board of management for a LUG.

LUG should be a community where everyone has a voice, really!
I am not a board member of HanoiLUG, but I have a strong voice, surely.
Why? Just simple, I have got a lot of activities in HanoiLUG.

So, I suggest we should not have an exact leader in SaigonLUG, again,
everyone has a voice here, including me, a Hanoian :)

An, you should be a awesome guy in FOSS community, and please continue.

> After resigning from SaigonLUG, I will contribute more to my 4
> favorite FOSS projects: Debian, Arch, KDE, Fedora and a new project
> named Arch Server, a fork of Arch Linux for Server. Btw, I'm
> recruiting members for the vi-l10n teams of Debian 6.0 Squeeze and KDE
> SC 4.x. If you guys know how to translate English to Vietnamese and
> want to help the community, please drop me an email. :-)

It's good to hear that.
Please do not stop your heart to contribute to our community.

Kind regards,