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Re: [saigonlug] Vietnamese OCR

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> From: "Ivan Garcia" <[email protected]>
> To: [email protected]
> Sent: Friday, March 4, 2011 3:29:23 AM
> Subject: [saigonlug] Vietnamese OCR
> does anybody knows a good open source OCR (the software that converts
> scanned images into text/documents) for Vietnamese language working
> decently? If not, which one is the best out there that we may improve
> it?

Hi Ivan,

One of the best Vietnamese OCR is the software produced by IOIT [1].
However, it is not released under open source licensing.

Don't know how to port a good OCR software which recognizing English
well to Vietnamese.
If anyone have any ideas, please share among all of us. 

I personally have the similar questions with Vietnamese voice2text and
text2voice software.

[1] http://vndocr.com/home/

Kind regards,