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Re: [HanoiLUG] GNOME 3.0 Launch Party

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> From: "Nguyễn Châu An" <[email protected]>
> To: "Hanoi Linux Users Group" <[email protected]>, "SaigonLUG Mailing List" <[email protected]>,
> "Saigon SFD" <[email protected]>
> Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:14:05 PM
> Subject: [HanoiLUG] GNOME 3.0 Launch Party
> GNOME 3.0 is about to be released very soon (in this april). I want to
> organize a release party for GNOME fans (and Linux fans also) in HCMC.

Please do not forget to show GNOME 3 live on a real distro.
If you would like to show it on Fedora 15 (beta stage at that time), I
can give a hand (remotely ;) ).

Kind regards,