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GNOME 3: To-do list

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Hi all,

Okay, let's go straight to our business:

@Minh Huy: How's it going with finding a designer for GNOME 3 Party?  If
you need to know the template or any other information, please let me
know asap. Thank you.

@Professor Thai Son: How's about the room of HCMUP for our party? It's a
little bit urgent now, so I really hope we can receive some confirmation
from your school soon.

@Thuong Quoc: I've received your email about creating a website for our
party. Thank you very much for your feedback. I'll create it before
tomorrow morning. ;-)
Next time, please feel free to post your comments, feedbacks to our
mailing list. After all, this list is an open place for friends. ;-)

@Everyone: :-)
1. Venue:
As I've said earlier, we have 02 options:
__ (a) HCMUP's Lecture Room (waiting for confirmation from Professor
Thai Son)
__ (b) Rent a coffee shop: I have found this one, seem to be a nice
place: http://spotlightcafe.vn/
Cost: 400.000 VND for a room with a capacity of 50 people
(Projector, Wifi connection and "Trà đá" included :P)

Venue choice will be finalized BEFORE __12am, Tuesday, April 12th, 2011__.

2. About budget for our party:
I'll send an official email to MOST foundation immediately to ask for

3. Date: Fixed at Sunday April 24th, 2011

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