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Re: [saigonlug] GNOME 3: To-do list

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> From: "Nguyễn Châu An" <[email protected]>
> To: "SaigonLUG Mailing List" ha <[email protected]>
> Sent: Friday, April 8, 2011 1:44:02 AM
> Subject: [saigonlug] GNOME 3: To-do list
> 2. About budget for our party:
> I'll send an official email to MOST foundation immediately to ask for
> sponsorship.

GNOME 3 release party has been held successfully in Hanoi this Wed. We
raised a lot of funds before and during the party.
Currently, we just used a half of our request of 1M from MOST fund. You
can request to get the other half or more. However, time is closed so
you should estimate and send your request to the MOST MB list [1] asap.

[1] [email protected]

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