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About Open Invention Network

Chào các bác,

Em nhận được cái email này, mặc dù đọc và cũng hiểu ý đồ của họ nhưng có lẽ do ít thông tin nên chưa bao giờ nghe về tổ chức này. Có bác nào có thông tin rõ hơn có thể giúp em để trả lời họ được không?

Cảm ơn mọi người.

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From: Shane Coughlan <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 9:12 PM
Subject: Lactien Computing and Open Invention Network
To: [email protected]

Dear Lactien Computing team

My name is Shane Coughlan and I am a representative of Open Invention Network.  This is an organization founded by Red Hat, IBM, Sony, NEC, Philips and Novell to support the Linux System and everyone who builds or uses Linux-related technology.  We would like to invite you to join our community.

Our community helps support open innovation and deter patent restriction around the Linux System by building a patent aggression "no fly zone."  Anyone can join by pledging non-aggression towards other community members.  In return they get the same pledge from everyone else, plus OIN's support if they face aggression from third-parties.  There are no other obligations or costs.

This is more than swapping promises.  We are working towards a future where patent aggression around Linux and the related eco-system is no longer acceptable, and our pledge is an important stepping stone in this process.  Whether it comes from a multinational company or a small project with no patents, the pledge helps strengthen open collaborative innovation.

In the last year we welcomed over 230 new participants to our community.  I've attached a copy of the latest licensee list for your reference.

Right now is a very good time to participate.  You may have read that Novell has recently been acquired and at least some of their patent assets are being transferred to various third parties.  However, as an OIN licensee, Novell offers their Linux System patents royalty-free to other licensees.  Anyone who joins the OIN community before the Novell sale closes will get a free license in perpetuity to the granted patents.  Groklaw recently discussed this in some detail:

To give you an idea of timescales, it appears the Novell deal was slightly delayed due to paperwork, and is expected to close before the end of this month.

I'm on stand-by to answer any questions, and confident that working together will prove to be an excellent idea.  This is a serious offer to provide support around patent issues, and a deterrent in case of third-party aggression.  Most importantly, your endorsement of non-aggression would also help protect the future of open innovation for everyone in this field.

There are no catches, just a community reaching 300 projects and companies supporting open innovation, and a mission to work with even more.



Shane Coughlan
e: [email protected]
p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083
f: +81 (0) 87 889 0288
w: www.openinventionnetwork.com

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