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Re: [saigonlug] [JOB] IT Director Position in HCMC

Cái đó chắc cũng đòi 5 năm kinh nghiệm culi ;-)

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Ngày 17 juin 2011, vào lúc 08:41, Le Kien Truc <[email protected]> viết:

Sao không ai tuyển culi lương 1k ta. Em đăng kí liền ^^.

2011/6/17 Nguyen Vu Hung (VNC) <[email protected]>
I forward the email to SaigonLUG.

Enjoy :)

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Subject: [HanoiLUG] IT Director Position in HCMC
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 05:54:48 +0700
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I post here to find an IT Director which include a lot of Linux-Ubuntu task. The company replace 30% of his computer park from Windows to Ubuntu Desktop. So I guess I'm not too much out of subject :-)

I'm looking for an IT Director based in HCMC to start asap.
It's a Regional Position South-East-Asia (VN-TH-KH-LA-MY), so I prefer to have someone with international experience (Expats - Viet Kieu)

Package is around 3K NET / month, If you know anybody, feel free to email your cv to stephane[at]masse.to

I attached the Job Description

General Activities

The IT director is responsible of the global Information System Management in the Group.  He is in charge of the definition, implementation and follow up of the IT/IS framework. He proposes, validates and sets up each IT solution which could  improve the IT processes and tools in the Group and its affiliates.
Realize an audit of the IT systems within the Group and make some recommendations to improve it. Make directly or indirectly a list of all IT systems / equipment in order to follow and maintain the required quantity and the quality.
Provide innovative and high quality technical solutions within defined parameters to support the different companies in the Group
Manage and coach the IT managers in each company
Partner with executive management to establish operational objectives and work plans to support the company strategy. Supervize the main IT / IS projects in the Group. Develop if required and execute a software, a state of the art development and HW/SW infrastructure strategy.
Guarantee the IT / IS safety and make apply the IT policy in the Group through the IT team.
Maintain overall control of planning, staffing, budgeting, managing expense priorities, and recommending and implementing changes to management methods.  Optimize and check the IT expenses (details, but also softwares, licenses, etc.)
Regularly interact with senior management or executive levels on matters concerning several functional areas, divisions, and/or customers. Requires the ability to change the thinking of, or gain acceptance from, others in sensitive situations, without damaging the relationship.
Work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of the product and customer needs. Introduce state of the art development of methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for projects, programs, and people.
Implement and maintain agile development environment including all areas of developing solutions: automated testing, solution architecture, coding, and deployment

Expected Results
To ensure the IT / IS systems are well done, maintained and updated
To guarantee the safety of the IT / IS systems
To participate in the improvement and updating of IT / IS processes
To implement some IT projects, respecting the cost, quality and respect the specifications
To ensure the follow up of the different projects or actions in the IT field
To provide advices and support to the managers

Professional Relationships
The job needs to work closely with the different managers and external consultants, suppliers in this field.

At least, 10 years In Information System and Technology
An international experience is a plus

IT engineer school

Comprehension of the environment and the activities of the company
ERP/BI/EAI/BPM/ECM experience preferred
Experience leading large development initiatives with demonstrated implementation success
Experience with local culture and needs
Experience in addressing the challenges inherent in global companies
Experience with sate of the art development methodologies
Strong leadership skills and a proven track record of successful SW development
Strong listening skills
Ability to cultivate strong working relationships with peers and cross functional teams
Analysis and synthesis skills
Pro active in order to provide advice and support
Good communication, ability to convince and negotiate
Flexible, ability to be adaptable
Customer spirit, curious
Team Spirit
Autonomous, results oriented
English fluent

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