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Looking for PhP Developer

Hi All,

Looking for a PhP Developer who is honest, hard working and focused
with a min. 3-4 years applications, website project experience

Pls see more details below and contact me directly with any relevant

Thanks in Advance!

Rohan Barker

[email protected]

Job Description
    A great opportunity exists for an experienced person to join our
development team to develop and maintain our company’s existing
applications as well as websites and their associated technologies.
    Ideally you will have a have min. 3-4 years applications, website
project experience and required to follow a professional development
methodology to assure that all tasks are completed with the highest
quality and desired timeframes.
    If successful, you will join us helping to expand our company’s
existing applications, web sites and implementing backend booking
functionalities with Web Services and other technologies
    Starting date March 2012

Job Requirement
    - Bachelor of Science (Software)
    - Excellent aptitude in PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, AJAX, Web Services,
XML and solid Systems Architecture and Design experience
    - Detailed focused aptitude on quality and efficiency as well as
enthusiastic and self-motivated
    - English certificate mid level (written & verbal)
    - Have the ability to learn quickly and work well within a team

Preferred language(For applications)

Work Place
    Ho Chi Minh

Salary Range

Job Type
    Full-Time Permanent