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[Off-topic] Looking for System Administrator for Web operation Team

Dear all,
My team is looking for a system engineer to help build, manage and expand our current web architecture, CDN and in-house cloud system. Those kinds of technology are part of largest Social network, e-commerce, media websites in Viet Nam. People who have knowledge and understanding of following fields can apply:
- Unix, Linux and its services.
- Caching technologies.
- Databases, storage infrastructure.
- Scripting skill: Python, Perl, Ruby. Knowledge of Bash script is a must.

We are not only looking for top-level guys, junior, mid-level, senior... are welcome.

We have Gym room with full of equipment, free lunch, free parking, open environment and many more. 
Salary is not really a big problem once you're good fit for this position. 

Hung. Nguyen Van
Website: http://ethicconsultant.com