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Re: [saigonlug] [Off-topic] Looking for System Administrator for Web operation Team

Anh Bi

Em định ứng tuyển vào vị trí này, nhưng em có thắc mắc, nếu không tế nhị quá anh trả lời giúp em nhé
- Cái vị trí mình đang tuyển là Sysadmin mà ở dưới lại "looking for a system engineer" ? Vậy rốt cục là sysadmin hay sys engineer hả anh

Em Ikut3

Many Thanks

2012/9/15 Hung Nguyen <[email protected]>
Dear all,
My team is looking for a system engineer to help build, manage and expand our current web architecture, CDN and in-house cloud system. Those kinds of technology are part of largest Social network, e-commerce, media websites in Viet Nam. People who have knowledge and understanding of following fields can apply:
- Unix, Linux and its services.
- Caching technologies.
- Databases, storage infrastructure.
- Scripting skill: Python, Perl, Ruby. Knowledge of Bash script is a must.

We are not only looking for top-level guys, junior, mid-level, senior... are welcome.

We have Gym room with full of equipment, free lunch, free parking, open environment and many more. 
Salary is not really a big problem once you're good fit for this position. 

Hung. Nguyen Van
Website: http://ethicconsultant.com

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We are not trying to solve the how-to-administer-my-Linux-box problem.
Lots of people are doing useful work on that.