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Meet up at FOSSASIA 2014 - Phnom Penh - Feb.28 - Mar.2

Dear Saigonlug friends,

our next FOSSASIA event will take place in Phnom Penh from Feb.28 - Mar.2.

It would be great to see you guys at the event. We still have a few
slots available if you would like to add your session to an exciting
list of highlights like:

* Colin Charles will give a keynote about MariaDB, the DB running Wikipedia
* Danh Hong will talk about Google Webfonts and Khmer Keyboard support
* Alex Hecht will talk about FirefoxOS
* Typo3 will send four contributors from Europe
* Fedora will fly in eight ambassadors
* Fam Zheng will talk about New Storage Features in QEMU/KVM
* Cat Allman and Stephanie Taylor will join us from the Google head office
* Michael Cannon will give a workshop about commercial plugin
development for Wordpress
* Sebastian Helzle will introduce development with Jquery and AngularJS
* Wan Leung Wong from Hong Kong will demonstrate his 3D printer
project in action
* Bastian Bittorf will build an OpenWrt based wifi mesh network with
* Julia Yuchin Cheng will talk about HpfeedsHoneyGraph for visualizing
and ranking malicious websites
* Debian developer Martin Krafft will give a workshop on Debian packaging
* Nguyen Anh Tu will introduce Apache CloudStack
* Ten GSoC students will join us from across Asia
* and many more

Speaker Registration: http://fossasia.org/registration-speakers-and-projects

Best regards,

Hong Phuc
Hong Phuc Dang
FOSSASIA Organizer
Tel +84 (0) 939871001
[email protected]

FOSSASIA 2014, Feb 28 - Mar 2 at Norton University
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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