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[Announcement] Shutting down SaigonLUG's mailing list and migration to IRC Freenode

Hello all,

I'm going to shut down this mailing list and put it in read-only mode due to the fact that its traffic had been very low for many years.

You can always reach me for any Linux, UNIX, FOSS and community questions at < an AT linux DOT com >

For many years, we have been poking each others on IRC Freenode. If you would like to join a real and active FOSS community in Vietnam, you can visit us on Freenode.

Channel: #vnluser
Server: chat.freenode.net

The channel may have somewhat a high traffic everyday, though. Most of our discussions are in Vietnamese and English. Some of us can do some French, German and... Latin. You will always be welcome there if Linux/UNIX/FOSS is your interest.

Please don't hesistate to contact me if you have any questions and/or comments. My email is above.