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Re: [ttylinux:5] Re: about ttylinux and install

catafest wrote:
> On page 37 from user guide .pdf
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/vmlinuz          /mnt/flash/boot/
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/filesys.gz       /mnt/flash/boot/
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/boot.msg         /mnt/flash/boot/syslinux/
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/help.msg         /mnt/flash/boot/syslinux/
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/config/syslinux       /mnt/flash/config/syslinux
> $ cp /mnt/cdrom/config/ttylinux-setup /mnt/flash/config/ttylinux
> I don't have boot.msg and help.msg on boot folder.

Well, it looks like that part is out of date. I expanded the help
messages for the boot parameters, so probably the right steps would

$ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/filesys.gz       /mnt/flash/boot/
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/vmlinuz          /mnt/flash/boot/
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/boot.msg         /mnt/flash/boot/syslinux/
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/help_f2.msg      /mnt/flash/boot/syslinux/
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/help_f3.msg      /mnt/flash/boot/syslinux/
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/config/syslinux       /mnt/flash/config/syslinux
$ cp /mnt/cdrom/config/ttylinux-setup /mnt/flash/config/ttylinux

It would be much better to use /bin/ttylinux-flash to make
a flash installation.